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ULVAC was established in 1952 with the joint investment of six companies including Nippon Life Insurance Company and Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. Now it has become a first-class enterprise group focusing on vacuum technology and providing comprehensive services. ULVAC represents the worldwide standard in vacuum industry.

About Us

ULVAC (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is a high- and new-tech enterprise engaged in the sales of vacuum equipment and their after-sale maintenance. It owns the best technical team for vacuum equipment maintenance in China and provides customers with regular equipment maintenance, repair, retrofit and etc.

At present, it offers perfect daily maintenance technology and professional instructions concerning the use of vacuum equipment for customers from such fields as energy, environment, transportation, medicine, food, chemicals and biological engineering. Meanwhile, it also provides original ULVAC consumables, parts and components.

Relying on its advanced vacuum equipment and maintenance technology, ULVAC (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. is devoted to helping Chinese customers achieve rapid development and contributing to the building of a harmonious society.

Greetings from General Manager

ULVAC (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd. (UST for short) is a company engaged in providing after-sale service and technical support for Chinese customers. It is a subsidiary solely funded by ULVAC. The predecessor of ULVAC is ULVAC Japan Ltd. founded in 1952. As a pioneer pursuing vacuum ultimate in vacuum technology, mainly in electronic technology and information communication technology, ULVAC has been, with production equipment as its focus, providing advanced vacuum technology products for such sectors as energy, environmental protection, transportation, medicine, food, chemicals and biological engineering.

Chairman & General Manager  Setsuo Iwashita